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GA Global Consulting - 2015 Recruitment Awards Winner 'Sustained Excellence in Audit Recruitment - UK'


Corporate Vision Recruitment Awards 2015 – Full Article

GA Global Consulting winners ‘Sustained Excellence in Audit Recruitment – UK’

GA Global Consulting provide recruitment solutions, partnering with the world’s leading organisations throughout C&I and Financial Services in the UK, EMEA and beyond –their core vertical market specialisms being Audit, Risk, Compliance and SAP. The firm establish­es and builds lasting recruitment relationships with professionals seeking executive, permanent or temporary employment.

They have built a foundation of success and an out­standing reputation for quality and delivery through their in-depth specialist knowledge of their market sectors. This has been coupled with a genuine dedication to­wards ensuring integrity in the maintenance of long term candidate and client relationships, through consistently delivering an honest, fluid and timely service which both recruiters and employees are more than happy to return to.

Matt Goodman, one of the firm’s Directors, explained how GA Global Consulting’s focus on quality service has led them to win this prestigious award.

“We are delighted to receive this award in recognition of our continuous drive for delivering the highest standard of recruitment service and expertise to our clients and candidates alike within our niche Audit, Risk and Com­pliance vertical markets. We strive to improve and tailor our processes in order to provide a seamless and time efficient service which is crucial in the current business environment.

“In order to achieve sustained excellence, we ensure to provide a completely 360 degree consultancy based ser­vice, which is due to our Consultants’ extensive experience in our chosen markets (minimum 10 years). In doing so, we are able to offer guidance to both our clients and candidates throughout their recruitment experience, de­livering value added services to aid their processes. This includes conducting preliminary candidate interviews, assessments, proofs of qualification and referencing, as well as delivering bespoke recruitment solutions to ena­ble our clients to achieve their business goals. This may involve changing a role profile, altering contract details or even hiring interim professionals to provide our client with the flexibility to achieve their targets in the most cost and time efficient manner.”

Working within the competitive recruitment market, has also meant that GA Global Consulting have had to constantly innovate in order to stay ahead and maintain their competitive advantage.

Because technology and social media is such an im­portant part of today’s society, the firm have placed a far greater emphasis on social networking tools and looked at developing new and innovative ways of generating candidates, delivering bespoke recruitment services, resources and building longstanding relationships. GA Global Consulting’s IT systems and software are fully integrated with all major professional social media chan­nels (LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Facebook) for improved interaction. Social media channels have also been inte­grated into their recruitment process to keep candidates and clients constantly updated on a familiar interface with progress reports, feedback, market information, interview preparation / guidance, additional recruitment services and bespoke client / candidate resources.

In addition to this, the firm utilise remote video interview­ing via Skype and FaceTime, especially for international candidates. They also offer candidates and clients SHL personality profiling and psychometric testing, as well as incorporating Bond Adapt software and utilise a number of integrated recruitment software tools.

Matt firmly believes that this plays a key part in the firm’s success, as they have successfully adapted to a number of technological trends and have used them to their advantage.

“Our ability to adapt to new and emerging trends that offer more effective ways of working and communicating, remains at the core of our business ethos.”

Gerry Ashison, also a Director at the firm, goes on to elaborate on the importance that GA Global Consulting places on its candidates and the way in which it interacts with them.

“The candidate experience is of paramount importance to the pillars on which our business has been built and we have only been able to achieve our sustained growth in this area through nurturing and developing long term relationships. We are proud that 86% of our placements in the past year have been directly through referrals or existing relationships, which have been proliferated through our extensive network across the Audit, Risk and Compliance areas.

“We deliver a wide range of candidate resources from CV writing advice to interview preparation and professional qualification guidance. We also embrace innovation and the use of social media as an efficient mode for keeping candidates informed with updates, market information and recruitment advice straight to their mobile. We continuously seek to evolve and undergo regular and rigorous critical evaluation of our current processes.

“Networking, referrals and extensive exposure within our chosen vertical markets are the single most important factors in our strategy for identifying the most relevant candidates in the market for any given job. When coupled with extensive academic and professional qualifica­tion background checks, referencing, criminal and other security background checks, telephone and face to face vetting, mapping of motivators and identifiers and a clear resourcing plan, these practices give both us, the agency and equally our candidates, the assurance that there is a clear plan for meeting expectations for the next step in their career, in addition to ensuring that our clients are hiring the best available talent in the marketplace.”

Market conditions over the past eight years dictate that the firm’s clients have wanted increased value at the low­est possible price and it has therefore never been more important to demonstrate delivery over and above expec­tation. This is about more than just delivering the best candidates in the marketplace, it is about successfully managing expectations at every step of the recruitment process, and continually communicating with clients and providing value added services. These include salary benchmarking, competitor analysis, evaluation and advice on how to improve their relevant recruitment processes (in order to best meet their business objec­tives) and alternative approaches to save clients time and money throughout the recruitment process.

By adopting this consultative and flexible approach to their work, the firm has ensured that both their clients and candidates are satisfied, and this forms the corner­stone of the company’s success. By adapting to meet individual needs, the firm has provided a tailored service which meets the needs of everyone involved - this can often be a major challenge for recruitment firms.

In addition to their clients and candidates, the firm also has to adapt around its own staff. GA Global Consulting has grown on the basis of a collaborative, honest and open environment, which has led to their consultants taking ownership of processes, setting high standards and striving to overcome challenges.

This culture of trust and effective critical evaluation con­tribute to feedback on areas of perceived weakness and potential for further improvement. Solutions are created and new ideas are formed utilising the team’s shared ex­periences. The firm’s open culture enables them to share their knowledge and share in their successes.

Each of the firm’s consultants have a minimum of 10 years’ experience, which means that they have developed an in-depth niche industry knowledge – another factor that sets the firm apart from its competitors, alongside their complete flexibility in delivering a tailored service to suit individual needs. Gerry expanded on this, explaining how the firm endeavours to ensure that everyone working with the firm has a positive experience on each occasion.

“We operate to deliver more than just an effective recruit­ment service that enables businesses and individuals to meet their desired goals, but a service that develops into a long-term relationship and one in which retention of staff and value added services play a crucial role.

“Once a client mandate has been successfully placed or a candidate has been moved into a new organisation, our process does not cease - ongoing communication is where our differentiation really begins. We gain our in-depth knowledge through acquiring a very detailed understanding of the business environment, culture and individual team members’ characteristics, which can only be fully comprehended over time, as opposed to the snap shot of a recruitment process.

“This provides us with the necessary insight and knowledge to confidently advise and develop bespoke re­cruitment advice to clients and candidates, ensuring an extremely high level of overall staff retention and a time efficient recruitment process that will deliver the best tailored result to the organisation and the candidate.”

Looking to the future, the recruitment industry as a whole faces great challenges from a combination of new legislative changes, the impact of the Global economic recovery and potential future changes to the structure of the EU.

Within GA Global’s specialist sectors, the introduction of new compliance requirements (Mifid III) will impact Asset Management organisations and the ongoing FCPA, bribery act and code of conduct requirements will lead to an increase in the recruitment of Auditors and Compli­ance Assurance professionals, ensuring that organisa­tions remain compliant. Continued confidence in the UK economic recovery will result in organisations expanding teams, commencing new projects and growing through acquisition at a faster rate than we have experienced over the past five years.

Matt explained what these industry changes will mean for GA Global Consulting.

“This ongoing growth will result in a talent pool shortage within the next 12 – 18 months and a candidate driven market within niche skill set areas. The overall challenge to our peers will be candidate generation and knowledge. This presents GA Global Consulting with the greatest opportunity to leverage our powerful network, long standing relationships and market knowledge to continue to effectively source the best passive talent, ensuring that our clients meet their business goals.”

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